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February 7, 2020

Child Custody: Know Your Options

Parents have one thing in common. They want the best for their children. Understandably so, we make all the efforts to help parents with their child custody cases.

Generally speaking, child custody is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. Why? Well, for starters, the litigation process is very lengthy and extensive. Consequently, the best bet is to hire a family law attorney that is familiar with the ins and outs of Texas Child Custody Law.

Rashelle Fetty and The Fetty Firm are here to help. We’ve helped countless parents find the best path for their children. We work to make sure your parental rights and those of your child are always corrected.

Legal Assistance with the Adoption Process

Legal Assistance with the Adoption Process

Know Your Options

In the state of Texas, there are four custody options available: joint, sole, temporary, and split. Each of these options is different in its own way, and Rashelle will go over each of these options. In addition, you’ll be advised on what option best fits your current circumstances.

Joint Custody

When parents receive joint custody, they both have the right to make decisions for the child. Furthermore, there are certain variations for this type of custody. Shared physical custody, for one, describes the instances when the child has two legal residencies. There is also an option that combines traits of both joint legal and physical custody.

Sole Custody

This type of custody is when one parent is awarded both legal and physical custody of the child. As such, all decisions involving the child’s upbringing, education, health care, and other important matters rest with the designated parent.

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Temporary Custody

Although not permanent, temporary custody is still an important part of the child custody litigation process. It refers to where the child will reside during the litigation process. The decision is taken according to the child’s best interest. With that being said, this is only a short-term arrangement.

Split Custody

This type of custody normally involves two or more children. An instance could occur where the courts decide to award full physical custody of one or more children to a single parent. However, neither parent will have full custody of all the children. This arrangement is based on numerous factors, such as the child’s age, where the children wish to live, and other types of factors.

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