The cornerstone of all estate planning is your will. Your will is the document that will express your final wishes.

Everyone should have a will to make sure that their assets go exactly where they want them to go. That’s why they need an experienced lawyer to create their will. We use our experience with Texas estate planning to ensure that the will is drafted correctly and to anticipate and prevent any problems in the future.

Legal and Testamentary Capacities

  • You have the legal right to make a will if you are 18 years of age or older, been lawfully married, or you are a member of the United States military
  • You have the sound mind (testamentary capacity) to make a will if you can understand the business in which you are engaged in making a will; the effect of making a will; the nature and extent of your property; the next of kin and natural objects of your bounty (i.e., relatives); and you are acting in sound judgment. (Testamentary capacity is often a point of litigation when wills are contested in court.)

Things to remember when drafting your will:

Please note:

  • You can use a will to leave property to the individuals and/or organizations you wish
  • Name a guardian for your children
  • Establish a trustee to handle property that you leave to minor children
  • Name an executor of your estate
  • Establish a trust, if so desired
  • To finalize your will in Texas, you must sign your will in front of two witnesses and those witnesses must sign your will.

Rashelle Fetty is an experienced estate planning attorney that can help you draft your will in the Colleyville area. You will want to consult with Rashelle and the Fetty Firm if:

  • If you believe that your will might be contested in court
  • If you have any questions regarding the process of a will and its consequences.

While this is a very brief overview of the process of making a will in the Colleyville area, the Fetty Firm can answer your questions and provide you advice on what steps you should take. Moreover, our law office in Colleyville can help you draft your will so that there will be few complications when the time comes.