Getting legal assistance from a Colleyville TX marriage lawyer is the best thing to do before tying the knot. A skilled attorney in family law will help ensure the marriage goes as smoothly as possible, at least initially.

Many people like to think about love and marriage as being intertwined, and believe the marriage will follow naturally as long as the love is there. This is not always the case, however. Although the more romantic conceptions of marriage may be linked to love, marriage is also a legal institution, ensuring it comes with a whole set of complicated issues that need to be resolved. A wedding entails several legal considerations that may require the involvement of a lawyer.

Colleyville TX marriage lawyer

Consider a Colleyville TX marriage lawyer before you tie the knot.

Things To Consider Before Marriage

No one likes to think about the legal aspects of getting married–it’s much easier to focus on the pleasant and happy aspects of marriage. Ignoring the this side, however, doesn’t mean the problems will go away.

When two individuals are legally married, several different problems can arise, and it is essential to understand how your marriage may impact your legal status before you go through it. It may not seem ideal to meet with a Colleyville TX marriage lawyer, but as our Colleyville TX marriage lawyer suggests, it is the smart thing to do.

Why Should You Get Advice From A Colleyville TX Marriage Lawyer Before Getting Married?

What problems come up during pre-nuptial negotiations?

How does marriage affect child custody? What about tax status? Citizenship? Have you ever had a person agree not to marry because you were considering the legal aspects of it? What are the essential legal benefits of marriage? And the drawbacks? Is it the wrong decision to get legally married? What are the alternatives to a legal marriage? Before you can ride off into the sunset with your new partner, the right decision is to meet with a lawyer before you make a drastic decision. And besides, nobody wants their happily ever after to turn into a legal and financial nightmare.

When the topic of marriage comes up, most people think of eternal love and family commitment. It is good to see marriage as a sacred relationship, separated from the world’s legal constraints, but that’s not true. Marriage is a legal contract as it is a romantic one, and it only places you and your potential partner at risk to neglect that factor. Here are some of the more common issues a marriage lawyer will help you resolve until you tie the knot, saving you a lot of long-term trouble.

Colleyville TX marriage lawyer

Colleyville TX marriage lawyer

1. Division of Property

Even if you don’t own a lot, getting married will shift your relationship with the things you possess. Married individual shares all of their assets with their partner. Regardless of who brought it and who worked for it. However, that is not a problem for some people. After all, to share your life with them, you marry your partner, and that includes your estate.

Yet there are other interests involved for others. You may want to maintain the wealth to use it for a specific purpose. Or to set aside certain properties for your children, such as vehicles or homes. Rather than your spouse after your death. In the event of your death, specific state laws grant property to spouses, and these are aspects that need to be worked out before you get married. Otherwise, you might find that you have much less control over things that matter to you than you thought you did.

2. Tax Status

Getting married comes with many legal advantages, such as power of attorney and access to health benefits, but it also includes some drawbacks. For, e.g., once you marry, both your salary and your spouse’s income will be considered as household income. This can influence what tax bracket you are in, and how much tax you pay.

This is not a problem for some people, but it can be a real detriment to their financial situation for others. You need to consider how marriage would affect your legal status, and you won’t be blindsided in the future. A qualified attorney is the only one who can give you definitive answers on that.

3. Pre-Nuptial Agreements

You’ve probably heard of pre-nuptial agreements, but in our culture, popular understanding of them is considerably skewed. Less than 3 percent of couples in America sign a pre-nuptial, partly because we’re told by popular culture that signing one admits you think the relationship won’t work. It’s the opposite.

A pre-nuptial arrangement forces you to look head-on at all the legal aspects of your union, and you won’t be surprised later. It’s not about respecting your future spouse or your relationship. It’s about coping with as many potential future problems as you can before they come up. Financial discussions won’t kill a healthy relationship.

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