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During our 6+ years of working as a Texas Family Law Attorney Office, we’ve seen all types of family law cases. And Rashelle Fetty, the owner of the firm and its sole attorney, has vast experience in all things family law. So you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have an experienced and talented attorney representing you. Above all, we aim to use our experience to optimize our legal representation of clients in Tarrant County, TX, and surrounding areas. Simply put, when dealing with family law cases, you should definitely consider The Fetty Firm as a great option.

Colleyville TX Termination of Parental Rights Texas

Colleyville TX Termination of Parental Rights Texas

General Overview about the Termination of Parental Rights

Questions and arguments over paternity can oftentimes lead the involvement of courts. For instance, if an unexpected pregnancy occurs and the parents are not prepared for it, there may be some legal disputes over what the future will hold for the child in question. Another possible scenario could involve a parent finding out that they are paying child support for a child that is not biologically theirs. Although very unfortunate, the fact is that there are situations occurring where a parent can’t support the child, or they may not be fit to raise children. These types of scenarios can sometimes call for the termination of parental rights.

In these types of situations, worried parents could resort to the termination of parental rights. In the state of Texas, this process can be very complex at times and will require the filing of a lawsuit. If you’re someone who’s seeking to terminate the parental rights of your previous spouse, you should definitely consult with an experienced family law attorney. Rashelle Fetty and The Fetty Firm have vast experience in finding the best ways of resolving these types of cases. Our vast experience includes cases regarding parental termination. Our services will be very helpful, especially if your former spouse is also represented by a lawyer who’s contesting your case, or if you need child support, or also if you believe your children are not safe. When seeking to terminate parental rights or your contesting a case, contact The Fetty Firm at your earliest convenience.

Termination of Parental Rights in Texas

In the state of Texas, there are two avenues for the termination of parental rights. These two avenues are as follows:

  • Voluntary Termination – There are certain cases where a parent will agree to terminate their parental rights. The paperwork is filled out, signed, and filed properly by all parties involved. Afterward, the parent in question will then come to court to testify the intentions of giving up their rights as parents. One thing to note is that voluntary termination is applicable to both biological and adoptive parents.
  • Involuntary Termination – In contrast to the prior, there are some cases where parental rights are terminated without the agreement of the parent in question. Circumstances that lead to involuntary termination include abuse, neglect, abandonment, lack of support, lack of acknowledgment, and other such behaviors that may be deemed criminal.

More About Involuntary Termination

Top-Rated Attorney in Texas

Top-Rated Attorney in Texas

While voluntary termination cases can be extremely simple, there are several factors that could lead to involuntary termination. For one, poor parental behavior can lead to involuntary termination of parental rights. Some behaviors that could lead to involuntary termination of parental rights include:

  • Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Abandonment
  • Criminal behavior that could injure or kill the children
  • If a child is living in an environment that puts their physical or mental state in danger
  • If a parent refuses to support the child

These reasons are common, but please note that each case is unique in its own way. Rashelle Fetty is here to help clients learn more about these types of cases and how they can best navigate these situations. If you believe that the termination of parental rights is a way to protect your child’s well-being, make sure to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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When it comes to family legal cases, The Fetty Firm is an excellent choice to go with. Rashelle Fetty has vast experience in various aspects of family law. Her areas of practice include family law, estate planning, and probate cases. Our sole attorney, Rashelle Fetty, founded The Fetty Firm shortly after passing the Texas bar exam. Rashelle grew up in Enid Oklahoma, and completed her bachelor’s degree in Norfolk, Virginia, attending Old Dominion University. During her spell at ODU, Rashelle competed for the school’s division one golf team. Ms. Fetty then began her law school career in Virginia Beach, Virginia, attending Regent University School of Law. She completed her studies at Texas A&M School of Law, and in 2013 she passed the Texas bar exam.

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In terms of experience, Rashelle has been part of the legal sector for over ten years. All of this experience has seen Rashelle deal with several aspects of family law. In addition to the experience, The Fetty Firm prides itself on its consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence. Make sure to reach out at your earliest convenience to learn more about what we can do for you.

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