What does an NDA do?

SHORT ANSWER: An NDA empowers you to share your ideas, inventions, and intellectual property with other people without the fear of them stealing it away from you.

NDAs legally protect your intellectual property on a per-person basis. That means you can share your intellectual property (ideas, inventions, plans, etc.) under legal protection.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you can protect your livelihood.

What if I don’t get a Nondisclosure Agreement?

You run the risk that your business partners, mentors, advisors, professors, friends, family, customers, test audiences… ANYONE, will steal your idea & put you out of business.

It happens far more often that you’d think.

What can I do once I have an NDA?

Now you can showcase yourself, your ideas, and your future to investors without them stealing your stuff.

Now you can seek out business partners to join your company without fear that they will compete against you armed with your own intellectual property.

Now you can show your designs to manufacturers and will have tools to go after them should they attempt to take them for themselves.

Now you can share your vision with mentors and feel confident that their guidance won’t come with a hidden agenda.

Now you can utilize focus groups to test out confidential ideas without them telling the world before you are ready.

In short: You can truly run your business.

How does it work to get a Nondisclosure Agreement?

1) Fill Out A 5 Minute Form

2) Pay Your 67 USD Invoice

3) Our Attorney Creates Your NDA

4) Sign, & You’re Protected!

How much does an NDA Cost?

An NDA, which is started by SNAP Legal and crafted by an attorney, costs 67 USD.*

*First NDA costs 67 dollars. Subsequent NDAs are typically less (depending on the current promotion).

NDAs that are crafted from scratch by attorneys typically run about $300-$1000, but they can be worth a LOT more.

The worth of an NDA depends on the worth of the intellectual property that it protects.

An NDA that protects a multi-million dollar startup can be worth millions. It protects that startup from losing their business to a competitor and losing out on all of that revenue.

So, how much is an NDA worth to you?

It depends on how much your company is worth to you.

Who should get an NDA?


Entrepreneurs have a LOT of reasons to get NDAs.

Your ideas are your livelihood.

Your visions will take you far.

Don’t let someone else steal that from you.

NDAs can be used to create an agreement between you and investors, mentors, potential business partners, focus groups, manufacturers, and clients that they won’t run off with your intellectual property.


Inventors can benefit a ton from NDAs, especially in the beginning stages.

NDAs typically come when you are in the process of inventing/perfecting your invention.

They typically come well before patents and pair well with the protection of a patent.

You can use NDAs with your mentors/potential partners so you can share your invention ideas without the risk of them running off to patent, produce, and sell your invention without you.


If you’re looking to explore the potential of your ideas and just need guidance from a mentor or partner, you can benefit from an NDA as well!

Especially if you like to work with others and find value in being able to bounce your ideas off of mentors & peers.

Too often, creative idea people are taken advantage of. You get excited about something, you share it in your excitement, and that can bite you.

Don’t let those closest to you steal your ideas.

Get an NDA.


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