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Colleyville Texas Estate Planning

Colleyville Texas Estate Planning

The Best Colleyville Texas Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is such an important part of an adult’s life. If you have neglected to take care of your estate planning, the time to do it is now. For parents, it is imperative to have at the minimum an advanced directive and a designation of a guardian. And everybody, parents or not, should have an estate plan to ensure that their wishes are carried out. Fortunately, our experienced attorney has the wits and know-how to help with wills, trusts, and other related assistance you may need. We provide the best legal consultation on a number of issues, including the following:

Advanced Directive/Living Will

An advanced directive also referred to as a living will, is a document that provides doctors and caregivers instructions for what end-of-life medical treatments you do or do not want in the case that you are unable to give these instructions yourself. These instructions include things such as resuscitate orders and instructions involving organ donations. By creating these documents, you’ll ensure that your wishes are carried out accordingly and you’ll also prevent potential problems for you and your loved ones.

A living will is only valid if the following conditions are met:

  • The declarant must be in a competent state
  • There need to be two witnesses
  • An advanced directive may be stated orally with two witnesses and a present physician
  • A written directive will become part of your medical records. If the directive is oral, the witnesses will have to sign medical records
  • A thing to note, living wills are not “operative for pregnant patients.”

Living wills can be revoked at any point, regardless of the declarant’s mental state or competency. Moreover, the revocation can be one by destroying the directive document. You may also sign and date or state the intent of revoking your advanced directive orally. Revoking your advanced directive will take effect when the document of intent arrives at your physician or when the physician is notified of an oral revocation.

Estate Planning Attorney

Colleyville TX Estate Lawyer

An advanced directive will stay in effect until they are revoked. Also, there are additional legal conditions that apply to a living will, so it is recommended that you acquire the services of an experienced and trusted law firm.


A trust is not everyone’s needs, but there is a large number of people who do need one. The Fetty Firm can help determine whether or not a trust would be helpful for your situation. And if we do find that a trust would help you, we can help create the best trust, given your circumstances. Trusts are more complicated than wills. Therefore you should consult with Rashelle Fetty, an experienced estate planning lawyer. With Rashelle’s experience and knowledge of Texas laws, you’ll be able to create the best trusts for your specific situation.

A trust is an arrangement between a trustee and a beneficiary. The trustee holds legal titles over a property for the beneficiary. Additionally, you can be the trustee of your own trust, meaning that you’ll control all the property held in the trust. Trusts can be created while a person is alive or after passing away. There can be a post-mortem trust created following the guidelines in a will.

There are many different aspects of a legal trust. The best course of action is to consult with an experienced attorney such as Rashelle Fetty. Her experience will prove invaluable when you’re trying to create a trust. Rashelle is ready to answer questions and advise you on what the best trust is for you ad your family.

Designating a Guardian

Colleyville TX Living Will

Colleyville TX Living Will

In the case that the wors comes to occur, you don’t want to put your family in a situation where a judge makes the decisions of who becomes the guardian of your kids. Instead, take the initiative and designate a guardian for your children when you become incapacitated or pass away. Designating a guardian is one of the most important aspects of estate planning.

By designating a guardian, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your kids will be in good hands in the case that you cannot care for them anymore. Furthermore, you can actually designate a guardian for yourself. Every parent should take the time to designate a guardian as it is a very important part of estate planning for any family. With the help of Rashelle Fetty and The Fetty Firm, you’ll be able to ensure the safety of your children even when you are gone.

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