Are you searching for Colleyville TX adoption lawyers? Adoption can be a very serious and special occasion. Just like a birth, it deals with bringing a new human into a family. If you didn’t know, a family unit is considered a legal entity and there must be documentation and organization of legal affairs to ensure a clean transition. You must notify the proper entities and fulfill all of the required mandates and obligations. In order to stay on track with this, and to get your adopted child as fast as possible, having a lawyer review your case can help speed things along.

We want to ensure that your adoption process is not only the most beneficial for your child but for you as well. In this article, we will explain the process of adoption and where a lawyer can help make the process easier. If you believe that you may need a consultation or help from one of our lawyers already, please contact us and we will get started as soon as possible.

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How Does The Adoption Process Work?

There are several factors that have to be taken into account before adopting. We have listed them below to help clarify. These are not optional and must all be finalized before the adoption can be undergone. In order to do this with the utmost confidence, you will want to work with a lawyer to ensure that you have all of the proper materials ready. They will help you find the right adoption agency, organize and file all of the necessary paperwork, as well as represent you in court.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age and in an emotionally/financially stable position.
  • Complete an application at an adoption agency
  • Showcase your lifestyle and hobbies
  • Provide references from family and non-family members.
  • Show proof of your marital status
  • A review of the home you live in, as well as the condition of the neighborhood
  • Pass a criminal history background check
  • Pass an abuse/neglect check on all adults in the household. (Adults are people age 14 and older)
  • Attend training, don’t worry it is free!
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Once you have successfully completed all of these requirements, and the adoption is approved, then the process can move on to the next stage. This regards the placement of the child into your care. You will have to have intense judicial oversight during this period and it’s important that you have a lawyer present to advise you on the best ways to organize and conduct yourself. Usually, during this time, there will be a caseworker who is periodically checking in on your home and providing written reports on your familial environment with the new child present. This is relayed to the court within the jurisdiction. They will be reviewing your case until they can deem that you are an ideal candidate for the adoption. It typically takes three to nine months for this stage of the process to come to a conclusion.

Adoption Is A Legal Binding Agreement

Throughout the country, there are many states that require an attorney to legalize the adoption. Your lawyer can answer any of the questions you may have on where who makes payments of costs and when. Additionally, they will help you coordinate with the court to make the process go by much faster. While it’s rare for the court to challenge an adoption, a lawyer will ensure that your adoption is as seamless as possible.

Every legalization proceeding is going to be different. It depends on what you and your lawyer decide upon. There have been instances where the court has permitted a decree of adoption to be issued without the family or child even being present. An attorney must do this, and that can be a great way to close the deal without further interactions on your part. However, adoption is a very happy time in your family’s life. Some cases have actually had full-on “birthday party” celebrations in the courtroom where guests relish in their new family member’s arrival.

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At the start of January in 2019, there were 29,927 children in foster care in Texas. Additionally, there were 3,378 children waiting for adoption. This means that there are many children waiting for a family to adopt them. It is a beautiful and important part of our society. We want to help the adoption rates increase and bring families together.

You can seek one of our lawyers out to help consult on your potential adoption. The consultation is free, so be sure to take advantage of our legal advice. We have years of experience that could benefit you in the future. The adoption process is not difficult but it does require legal interactions, and a lawyer is typically required. In order to make the best out of your situation, you can get a lawyer who will help and organize the process to be as smooth as possible. We can represent you throughout your case and ensure that you get the approval for legalization necessary.

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Our Colleyville TX adoption lawyers are constantly helping clients bring new members into their families. We believe that we have a sound method and a great team that can do the job. Our law firm can offer an experienced attorney for your case who will provide personal attention and help with any legal issues that may arise. Our family law attorney in Tarrant counties and the Fort Worth area have worked on many cases, representing clients from all over the region. An adoption attorney from our law office will bring you the best results without a doubt!

If you are looking to get our services, please give us a call! You can reach us at (214) 546-5746 or simply visit our website to get more information. Adoption is a happy and joyous moment in people’s lives and usually, it saves more than one person in the process. We are always happy to help new clients and believe that your values deserve to be upheld