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Are you looking for a Colleyville Texas Child Custody Attorney? The Fetty Firm is here to help. It is important that your attorney be able to meet yours and your children’s needs. This is likely a difficult time. Whether the other parent or guardian is cooperative or not, you will still need a family law attorney to represent you. In this article, we would like to discuss the process of attaining or splitting child custody in Texas, what you should be prepared for, and how to make contact with The Fetty Firm. If you scroll to the bottom you will able to find all the contact information for this law firm. Now, let’s continue.

Divorce Happens, Make Sure The Kids Are Okay!

If you are in the process of a divorce, you have to keep in mind that you’re not the only one affected. Especially if you have children who are still not old enough to comprehend what’s going on. Even if they are, it’s important to make sure events like these don’t affect them more than it must. This is where custody law comes into play. You will need to be certain about how you want to deal with the future upbringing of your children. We do have attorneys who can work with you on the legal side of things, though. If there is something that needs clarification, or you have a vision of the custody situation which you need help arranging, we can help. By going through a lawyer who has a seasoned understanding of these particular matters, you will make it easier for everyone. We can establish the proper rule of law that will create a suitable environment for your children. Raising them is important, but its harder with a divorce on the way. Let Fetty Firm take a little of the load off!

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What Are The Laws For Child Custody In Texas?

It is a very complex level of the legislature which surrounds the realm of child custody. First and foremost, it is based on considerations of the child. Regardless of the nature of the case and the situation, the child must be heard and their best interest must be taken into account. In fact, the court will undergo a background check of the child’s environment — the financial conditions and lifestyles of the parents and based on the age of the child even their own testaments. Custody is the determined amount of authority a parent has over their child and its upbringing.

After the situation has been deemed workable, the case will then be broken down into what sort of custody the parents will agree upon. This would entail sole or joint custody (the term conservatorship is often used to substitute custody). Sole Custody declares that one of the parents will retain full rights and authority over their children. It also would bar the other parent from any sort of legal connection to that child. This would occur in the event of that parent displaying poor lifestyle choices or endangering the child. Joint Custody would then infer that both parents are given at least some degree of conservatorship over their child.

What Degrees Of Custody Are There?

Determining the custody is based on a multitude of different variables. As stated earlier, the child will always be consulted first on their preference in the matter. Secondly, both parents will be forced to propose a future for the child and how they intend to build it. This is the backbone for the case, the court process will undergo analysis on both parties. The programs and validity of the statements will be assessed. They will check the stability of each of the homes both parents occupy. All of these factors and more will go into deciding who will have the dominant degree of custody or if they are both equally rightful.

Finally, when a decision is made, the options will be the following: managing conservatorship and processing conservatorship. They regard the level of authority you have over your child and will determine the proper visitation rights to allow. If one parent receives managing conservatorship, then they will have full access to their child; the schooling and values, and their whereabouts. Alternatively, the other parent could receive processing conservatorship which would deem them unable to have any sort of authority, connection or visitation rights to the child. Of course, if they are both deemed to have the best interest of the child at heart, then they can receive joint custody which would allow them both with all of the authority and visitation rights deserved to them.

What Happens If The Parents Do Not Keep Their Word?

Each parent must go to a mandatory parental guidance class. Furthermore, they will be under intense scrutiny for the next several years to determine the integrity of their statements. If the parent conduct is unsatisfactory or even poor, then they will restructure the rights of custody on a new basis. The court can revoke rights and even decide to change the custody entirely. There are instances where the court has decided to place the rights of custody into a third party or a guardian who is not the original parents. This is only in extreme cases where the judge has no choice but to find better conditions for the child.

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  • Colleyville is a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth in Tarrant County.
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