Are you searching for a Colleyville family lawyer free consultation? We are happy to help you find the best attorney available. When it comes to the Fetty Firm, we excel, particularly in family law. Our founder and lead attorney Rachelle Fetty has spent years practicing within this field and we believe we have every bit of skill and tact needed for your case. The priority at the Fetty Firm is to provide a world-class service without losing the same southern charm that made us who we are today. This is only going to be achievable if you work with us and let us get a good understanding of what you’re going through. There are a lot of variables that go into cases that are dealing with family law. It is imperative to get the full picture because the court will spare no details when you are under oath. It is a highly pressured and tense situation and we don’t want you to go into that scenario without all of the squares checked off. Together we can find those squares and check them off one by one!

Free Consultations Can Give You A Refreshed Outlook

A lot of the time the biggest issue with cases is understanding them. In a country whose legal system is so advanced and complex, there can be huge problems translating the legal wording and deciphering what exactly is going on. This is especially true if there is another lawyer slated to go against you. It will be very difficult to best a professional in the field if you don’t have one of your own. Of course, sometimes that is not always the case and you may merely need clarification. A second opinion can do a world of good. It can alleviate stress by showing you the clearest picture. When you call the Fetty firm for a free consultation you will even be able to develop great strategies and plans to go forward. We want to ensure that you are in the best position to take on your case, and therefore we have this consultation ready for those who want to take the first step.

What Does Family Law Consist Of?

There are multiple types of legal scenarios that would classify as family law. The majority though will deal with your children, your marriage or your estates. Their protection, the value and the structure of your relationships can all be organized, determined and enforced through the court. To ensure that you aren’t being overwhelmed or outmaneuvered by the court, you should be contacting attorneys who can help protect these subjects. The aspects of a family have to be considered and the Fetty Firm is here to help you understand the details. Below we have summarized some of the legal cases that correspond to family law.


This occurs to a couple who have already been married. For whatever reason, whether at fault or no-fault, the two-parters have decided to separate and no longer stay legally bound. This can pertain to a number of things such as your bank account, your groceries and even where you’re living. If you are undergoing a divorce or think it might occur, you need to be prepared. The Fetty Firm has attorneys that are trained in this field to help you protect your interests. It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to be overwhelmed when situations like this occur. Our lawyers will make sure all of the factors are clear and in the open so you don’t miss anything. Simply voice your requests and we will work to make them happen.


When a divorce falls through, the next step will usually be deciding child support. This is very important as it regards the nature of your parental control over your children. In the future there will be many changes and the court will want to see how you have planned to raise your child versus your ex-spouse. If they comply with the standards demanded, then you and your ex-spouse will be granted a custody deal. This will either see you with sole or joint custody, where one or both receive rights to the child. Furthermore, the court decides based on the information we provide whether or not that custody is managing or processing, which essentially means total guardianship or a role that is stripped of the authority with only the title remaining. Either course of action will require a heavy legal workload to confirm your part in the case. Our team of attorneys is ready to help you sort this out now!

Estate Planning

This will regard the nature of your assets. Particularly your own house, and the contents it holds. In the event of your death or simply for peace of mind, you can create a will that determines the rightful ownership of various parts of your estate. Trusts also ensure aspects of this, too. Furthermore, you can establish proper protocols for probate should it occur. All of these are wholly necessary and entirely embedded in legal parameters. The ramifications of poor drafting of such paperwork can lead to huge consequences that you will not be able to handle due to your passing. Therefore it is essential you set up the right paperwork with lawyers who are informed and experts within the field.

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Fun Facts About Colleyville

  • Colleyville is a small town that is a part of Tarrant County.
  • It was first settled in the 1850s as a farming community.
  • As of 2010, the population was reaching over 22 thousand people.
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