Are you in need of a Colleyville TX family attorney? Good law practice and exceptional service is the cornerstone of our business. A lot of firms exist which aim to provide you with cheap services but if you simply see it for what it is. It’s cheap and nothing more, they can cause more harm than good.  Our firm will remain accountable and take care to keep our clients happy. After all, the legal world is an enigmatic and ever-changing environment and it needs constant oversight from a reliable team. The Fetty Firm represent clients with exceptional attorneys and should you consider us, we will also provide a free consultation as well. For the family, it’s important that you are comfortable and not pressured. Having to pay outrageous prices for decent service, or sacrificing quality for a lower cost is the last thing you need when you’re in a crisis.

What Is The Background Of The Fetty Firm?

Located in the Fort Worth Texas area, our organization is run and powered solely by our attorney and founder, Rashelle Fetty. She has personally seen out the growth and development of this law firm since she was a paralegal in law school. Her practice focuses on family law, estate planning, and probate which includes divorce, child custody, child support, and modification of family law orders. In addition, she is also well versed in the enforcement of family law orders, adoption, drafting wills and trusts, heirship proceedings, independent administration of estates, muniment of title, and small estate proceedings. The most enticing aspect of our firm is the ability to provide a service that is of global caliber, without sacrificing the personable and familial traits of a small town firm.

What Kind Of Services Can A Family Attorney Offer?

Our Law office has years of experience in family law issues. We have learned the most important detail that our law firm can provide is the ability to hear and be present with our clients. Family issues such as divorce and others can be serious and often times traumatic. It’s imperative that you get attention and direct connection with our lawyers when going through this. We have expert knowledge of Texas law and can help you navigate these very complex and intimate issues. In other firms, your feelings can be lost in the cloud of bureaucracy. The Fetty Firm ensures that the day is sunny without a cloud in sight. Thus, we provide free consultation and also extensive legal services in Adoption, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Enforcement of Modification Orders, Modification of Orders, Spousal Support, Termination of Parental Rights.


While this is an incredibly happy and exciting time in your life, it is a delicate legal task. The last thing you need is lawful hangups that keep you and your new family member from being able to be together. This is why it’s important to keep a lawyer on call when you’re considering something of this nature. Of consultation is free and we encourage you to take advantage of it, we just want to be on the save side!


This is one of the more common and most chaotic of fields within the entire practice of law. It’s a very tedious and difficult sector because of the very nature of it. A couple who cannot continue together, a family that has broken down, people who simply cannot continue together — there are endless reasons why it happens. Nevertheless, it still happens quite a lot and The Fetty Firm understands how temperamental this can be. We want to help ensure that you can go through this new stage of your life without having to partake in any more struggle or suffering.

Child Custody

The split of the family can cause a lot of issues both emotionally and financially. If they are not dealt with and managed in an orderly fashion, they could be devastating to the family. Especially for the children, whom these issues affect so deeply. With Fetty, we will hear you out and work get the best deal for you and your kids.

Spousal Support

Every court is different, and often times it’s hard to gain information to help your case on your own. With the legal world being so volatile and mercurial, things can be tricky and out of your favor. The evidence gathered for your case can be minimal, or the evidence against it can be mountainous. At any rate, you may need help simply getting to the bottom of it all. Our consultation can do a lot in providing you with the insight and research you need.

Termination of Parental Rights

When the situation has become extreme, sometimes the only option left is to seek termination in parental rights. The legal complexities that make up this process can be overwhelming. For your sake, especially in this case, achieving the parity that sees you free of your constraints can be dire. Let us help you out with this!

Enforcement of Modification Orders

The Fetty Firm knows that children are the most important thing to a parent, and their protection and safety often come first. The legal processes can be overwhelming and in the case of children, it seems even more daunting. We offer consultations to help give you the best foundation to help your children get the best deals.

Modification of Orders

If the original court order was unworkable or perhaps unfair, there are ways that can change or alleviate your pains. Our lawyers can help modify and restructure these deals to the best of our abilities. We can help change these orders, and aid in building a better more effective plan of action for you.



  • Colleyville began as a rural community, situated between Big Bear and Little Bear Creek in northeastern Tarrant County.
  • Pleasant Run Baptist Church, organized in 1877, was the first church within what is now Colleyville.
  • Samuel C.H. Witten came to Texas from Missouri in 1854 and established a farm along Little Bear Creek. He eventually founded the community of Colleyville.
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