Are you in need of a Colleyville Texas family law attorney? Rachelle Fetty might be perfect for you. She is the best practicing lawyer for family law in Tarrant County and surrounding fort worth area. With a law firm established under her name, the Fetty Firm, she has a great pedigree and is accredited with helping many families in the past. With her veteran understanding of the law, she can create excellent strategies for you. Together you will discover ways within the legal system to give you the best advantage in whatever case you’re dealing with. As a firm of growing respectability, we’re proud to say that we can give you the powerful world-class caliber without compromising our small town southern hospitality.

Let’s consider the laws in Texas

What Case Falls Under Family Law?

Determining whether or not your case needs a family attorney to manage it can be rather simple. If the case regards your property, your family or pertains to some degree of both, we recommend a lawyer versed in family law. Once again, Rachelle Fetty is going to be the perfect candidate. Her expertise falls in the field of family matters that can deal with issues such as divorce, custody, estate planning, and multiple other subjects. If you happen to have any of these issues, we can work to help you get prepared to deal with it. Not everything has to be a huge dilemma, the Fetty Firm can make a molehill out of your mountains! Just to help you get a bit more of an understanding about the types of cases we deal with we will go over a few:


When you’re in an unsavory marriage, whether someone is at fault or not, the option of divorce is possible. We know it can be hurtful, nasty and embarrassing but we want you to know we won’t judge. Our job is to prepare you for the judge. The Fetty Firm will make sure that your interests and assets are protected. Furthermore, we can make sure that your children are taken care of with their best interests integrated into all of our decisions. That is after all the leading premise for every court, and so we will make sure to adhere to it. This is important when dealing with divorce because the children are always affected the most. In order to protect them and yourself, contact our family law attorney now!


Following a divorce, whatever the determination, the two parents will most likely have to decide upon custody. This entails the nature of their guardianship over their children. Essentially this conservatorship, as it is officially titled, will be broken down into either joint or sole custody. If it’s joint, then the court will decide who deserves the highest degree of rights to the child, visitation and future contact. Through this process, the conclusion may turn out that both parents are viable candidates and are granted custody of equal measure.

Estate Planning

When you are settling your affairs, the home you live in will most likely be your largest asset. After all, it supports more than just you and it could support your family for generations to come. Especially if it is well taken care of both physically and legally. Protecting yourself, your assets and your family is all a part of estate planning. Through this, we can draft wills and trusts. Probates can also be organized and defined for ease, and the value of your estate will be determined for proper allocation. All of these measures are very serious legal issues and require an exceptionally qualified attorney to oversee the process.

Relieve The Stress!

Overall it’s really not the necessity of a lawyer that we offer, its the convenience to your life that we advocate for. Everyone is quite aware of how complex the United States legal system is. Those that try to fight it on their own are usually seen leaving the courtroom with their tail between their legs. It can be a long and arduous trek through the courts whether that be for divorce, custody, or even some of the property laws that are more minor. Sometimes it can take people years to get out of the court system. This is a costly venture that will take huge tolls on your both mentally and physically but above all, financially. We don’t want to drain your pockets and we don’t want your money to go to waste either. That’s why our firm dedicates itself to fantastic service at the price of a local business. We’re not here for your money, we want to make your life easier.

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Child custody can be a complicated matter

Furthermore, being from a small town we are already comfortable knowing and connecting with our clients. Understanding their’ problems intimately is a priority. This way, we are not so oblivious to the emotional aspects that make every case tricky and demanding. Our team is ready to take on any challenge to help see you through to the end. Our lead attorney Rachelle Fetty has years of experience with spousal support. She can represent her clients in family law issues such as child support or divorce proceedings. We will work to make sure that the end is with your best foot forward. Whether that be an effort to reclaim your freedom or to save your family from breaking apart completely. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. Check out our website today or give us a call at (214)-546-5746.

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Fun Facts About Colleyville

  • Colleyville is a small town that is a part of Tarrant county.
  • It was first settled in the 1850s as a farming community.
  • As of 2010, the population was reaching over 22 thousand people.
  • Learn more about Tarrant county and Colleyville on the official website here