When can you find, in Colleyville Texas Family Lawyer Near Me Free Consultation as well as good law practice? The difficulty is in finding such a combination that fits your budget. A lot of firms exist which aim to provide you with cheap services but if you simply see it for what it is. It’s cheap and nothing more, they can cause more harm than good.  After all, when in the legal world, it is an enigmatic and ever-changing environment and it needs constant oversight from a reliable team. The Fetty Firm is happy to represent clients, and we will provide exceptional lawyers to fight for your case. For a family, we want to help however we can to ensure you’re all taken care of. Don’t sacrifice quality for cost, we can provide you with the best of both.

What Is The Background Of The Fetty Firm?

This firm was founded in the Fort Worth, Texas area by a woman named Rashelle Fetty. She has grown up studying law and founded this law firm immediately after graduating from law school. It was her dream to help her community in ways that counted, and we are still dedicated to this philosophy today. Our work is world-class, but we aim to provide it to the small town families that still need our insight and help on matters that are just as serious as any other place on the globe. We are driven to supporting you and will show our passion and commitment every step of the way.

What Kind Of Services Can A Family Lawyer Offer?

Through consistent good practice and ethical business, we have learned the trade with veteran poise. In our line of work, its all about knowing the law and how to work with it. If you’re going through family issues that require the law, chances are you’re in an emotional place already. You don’t want to make matters worse by diving into a lawsuit or a legal battle when you’re in this condition. Especially not lead it. That’s why we recommend you get a good consultation before you do anything. We can provide this for you, as well as offer extensive legal services for multiple fields. Below we’ll go over several levels of law that you might not think we can help in.

Enforcement of Modification Orders

The Fetty Firm knows that the protection and safety of the child often come first. A lawsuit or any legal process is often long and stressful for any adult — especially for children. It can be traumatizing and debilitating for them. This is why it’s so important to understand the capabilities you have within your reach. Our consultations can help give you find the best scenarios that put your children’s livelihood above everything else.

Modification of Orders

In the event that you were exposed to an unfair trial, and the orders issued were unworkable, you have support from us. We can work with your court system to modify or develop new deals that will benefit you more fairly. If you are feeling as though your treatment or punishment is impossible or maybe even cruel, you’ve got to speak up. Our lawyers are ready to hear you out and have it sorted.

Spousal Support

In a system that is hard to understand and even more difficult to get a solid footing in, you shouldn’t expect to take the reigns and ride on smoothly without some help. When you’re doing you’re best to gain equity and support from your spouse, it may not always be the effort that gets you the win. There must be stringent legal interactions which grant you a power to make such demands. If you’re looking for spousal support but are having difficulty getting it accepted in the court, give us a call and we’ll get to the bottom of it together.

Termination of Parental Rights

There could be so many unforeseeable events and circumstances that arise to cause a familial breakdown. We want to stress that we’re not here to judge. We are here to help. When you need to follow through with the termination of parental rights, you will have to go through lots of legislatures that demands focus and a good comprehension of the law. That’s where our lawyers come in.

Get Your Free Consultation Today!

A lot of the time, the most impressing issue is simply being able to understand your case. Perhaps you’re not even sure if you want to make it a case and you need to review your situation. There are many instances when people find themselves in a predicament that it could so easily escalate into more. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed, other times it isn’t. Only professional attorneys who are practiced and well-versed in these laws can truly give you sound advice. Otherwise, you could be blindly walking into costly legal battles which you may or may not win. We don’t want to see that happen to you, and we want to give you the upper hand in whatever situation you’ve found yourself in. Call us now for a free consultation, we have attorneys ready to hear your concerns and give you valid, effective information that can help you make deliberate insightful decisions.

How Do I Contact The Fetty Firm?

We have in Colleyville Texas family lawyer near me free consultation and more is here for you now to help with whatever you may need. We are happy to take care of clients in Tarrant County and the surrounding areas. You can also visit us on our website and get more information about the other services we provide. Call today, we hope to hear from you soon!



  • Colleyville began as a rural community, situated between Big Bear and Little Bear Creek in northeastern Tarrant County.
  • Pleasant Run Baptist Church, organized in 1877, was the first church within what is now Colleyville.
  • Samuel C.H. Witten came to Texas from Missouri in 1854 and established a farm along Little Bear Creek. He eventually founded the community of Colleyville.
  • Click here for more info about Colleyville!