Have you been searching online for reliable Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me? You’ll be glad that you found The Fetty Firm. Rashelle Fetty, the sole attorney at The Fetty Firm, has over ten years of experience in the legal field. Practice centers on family law, which encompasses a broad range of services. Thus, Fetty can apply for expertise with a large degree of flexibility and handle even the rarest family cases.

You won’t benefit from an attorney with a small, specialized field of knowledge. Marital legal matters usually also affect children and custody, estate planning, and other areas of your life. Fortunately, Rashelle Fetty can help you navigate through your stressful life experience. Furthermore, you can be confident that your matters will be thoroughly resolved and the outcomes will be legally bound. When you have big family matters to address but need the personalized assistance and interaction of a small firm, you need The Fetty Firm.

Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me

Rashelle Fetty will represent clients in Tarrant County!

Why You Need A Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me

You may be searching far and wide for the best family law offices you can find. We recommend that you reign your search in so that you can reap the full benefits of a nearby law firm. When your family law firm is located near your home and community, you get a greater degree of service. The Fetty Firm is located in Colleyville TX and knows the city. Don’t leave your personal finances, belongings, and the right to see your children in the hands of an attorney who isn’t in or near Colleyville! They may not be fully aware of the particular laws of the area. Are they familiar with the Colleyville courts? Have they met any of the family court judges? All of these concerns might arise when you enlist the help of an out-of-area or remote attorney.

Fortunately, the Fetty Firm has operated in Colleyville since its inception. Furthermore, as a small firm, you can be sure that you’re getting personalized care. Even if you live in one of Colleyville’s neighboring cities, it’s highly likely that Rashelle has handled cases there. Being a small firm has its benefits. The Fetty Firm affords each client the time that they deserve for their case. Instead of trying to accumulate a mass number of clients, each family who needs The Fetty Firm’s services received individualized care and attention. You won’t get lost in the shuffle of legal documents and misplaced paperwork.

Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me

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The Fetty Firm Colleyville TX Legal Services

The Fetty Firm handles nearly all family law cases, including but not limited to adoption, child support, child custody, divorce, spousal support, domestic violence,  and more. You may not be entirely sure which category of law your family law concerns fall under. In some instances, your case may require the expertise of an attorney who is familiar with several different forms of family lay. If that is the case, you need to call The Fetty Firm.

Adoption Services

Adding a new child to your family is always a beautiful thing. However, unclear regulations and an overwhelming court process can discourage many families from pursuing adoption. Other willing-to-adopt parents decide against it due to misinformation or inaccurate assumptions about the requirements. Fortunately, The Fetty Firm can clearly lay out the guidelines for adoption and guide you through each step. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to be wealthy or even married in order to adopt. Furthermore, you don’t have to permit contact between your adopted child and their birth parents before they are 18, if you choose. Also, you can adopt a child that you know if their parent wishes to terminate their parental rights. You can also adopt a child from another country, as long as you take the right steps! Regardless of your specific adoption needs and concerns, The Fetty Firm knows just what to do to make the process seem effortless.

Child Support Services

Child support cases usually involve a lot of negative emotions, but none of those have to arise out of a lack of clarity about legal recourse. The Fetty Firm can take child support cases to court, as well as negotiate terms, in order to make sure that your child gets financial assistance from both parents. If possible, we can help you make a legally-binding arrangement with the other parent, outside of court.

If we have to go to court, the judge will require child support payment as per Texas guidelines. The non-custodial parent will pay 20% of his or her income for one child, with the amount of child support increasing with each subsequent child. However, depending on the parent’s income, 20% may or may not be an adequate reflection of what the child needs. No matter which side you stand on the issue, The Fetty Firm can help you navigate this complex legal matter.

Divorce Proceedings

Divorces tend to cause a lot of stress and disappointment for both parties. Besides the upsetting termination of the marriage itself, an unfair settlement can also severely impact the emotions and even the physical health of the divorcees. The Fetty Firm works with clients through all elements of the divorce. You and your spouse likely have shared accounts. Furthermore, you’ll need to come to a custody agreement and amend living wills.

You and your spouse separate on good terms initially. However, an inexperienced lawyer who leaves scales lopsided in favor of their own client can create conflict between a divorced couple long after the legal battle is over. You might find yourself returning to court time and time again to renegotiate terms and agreements. The Fetty Firm will fight for you but knows how to do so in a way that won’t result in legal recourse later down the line. The attorney will think of your long-term needs, which includes stability and security after the divorce.

Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me

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The Fetty Firm provides a large range of family law services. From adoption to a living will, Fetty can handle all family matters throughout your life. You don’t need to look for other lawyers, when new situations arise. You need a family lawyer than can help you as your family continues to grow. When you need Colleyville TX Family Court Lawyers Near Me, call The Fetty Firm at (214) 546-5746 or contact us online to get started with your adoption or case.

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