If you are online searching for Colleyville TX Family Lawyer Near Me, then you are probably in need of a quality family law attorney. With many years of experience, The Fetty Firm P.C. is the best option when it comes to family legal matters. Whether you’re dealing with adoption child cases, child support cases, estate planning, divorce proceedings, child custody, or custody cases, we are fully capable of providing quality law services. If you are in Tarrant County, TX, then we are definitely your best choice of family law firms. Our sole attorney, Rashelle Fetty, is extremely talented and has been working in the legal industry for over 10 years. Our law office is ready to represent clients in various types of divorce and family law cases.

Colleyville TX Family Lawyer

Colleyville TX Family Lawyer

Family legal matters can be very tedious and complex affairs. The best way to handle these types of cases is with the services of an experienced and knowledgable law firm. You don’t ever want to compromise on the quality of service when it comes to resolving family law matters. With The Fetty Firm, you will receive the results of a big firm to go along with the personal and attentive service of a small firm. Furthermore, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you get the best for you and your family. Family legal matters are delicate affairs, so contact Rashelle Fetty today and receive the services from the leading law firm in North Texas.

Family Law Consultation

Situations such as going through a divorce or adopting can be very complicated and stressful. Fortunately, our Colleyville family law and divorce attorney understands and is ready to help. Rashelle Fetty is truly dedicated to her craft and always puts clients’ needs at the top of her priorities.

We will ensure that you get the individual and personal attention or our firm. With our experience and knowledge of Texas Family Law, we are able to provide the best results possible. Family matters are very delicate and will require the most experienced and knowledgable law services. We understand how important these cases are to our clients and will make sure to provide proper guidance and consultation.

The Fetty Firm is here to provide compassionate, skillful and dedicated services in these types of issues:

  • Adoption
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Enforcement of Modification Orders
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Divorce


Choosing to adopt is a great way of starting a family. However, the adoption process can be very lengthy and stressing at times. The best way to go through with this critical process is with the assistance of an experienced and trusted law firm.

Colleyville TX Family Law Attorney

Experienced Family Lawyer in Tarrant County

When you choose to adopt you are giving an otherwise under-privileged child the opportunity to grow and thrive in a loving and safe home. Rashelle Fetty has the experience necessary to help clients through the process free of setbacks. With our extensive knowledge of Texas adoption laws, we are able to assist clients with:

  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Private Adoption
  • International Adoption
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Unplanned Pregnancies
  • An infant or Older Child Adoptions
  • Special Needs Adoptions

Keep in mind that adoptions require a great amount of paperwork. Additionally, the process has stringent rules and procedures. Any type of missteps along the way may result in your adoption being declared invalid. To avoid this, you need to get the best legal services available. Otherwise, you may suffer from the painful, heartbreaking conclusion that The Fetty Firm works hard to avoid. We pay very close attention to detail and as a result, we reduce any type of possible mistakes.

Requirements and Guidelines for Adoption

Tarrant County Law Attorney

Legal Consultation on Family Law Matters

In the State of Texas, prospective adoptive parents must be at least 21 years of age. In addition, prospective parents must be financially stable and have a stable living environment. Households will be subject to home studies, which will include home inspection, background check on the couple and all the adults living in the home. The home study will also include financial screening and evaluation of parenting skills.

The Fetty Firm can assist in the following scenarios:

  • You have a spouse with children from a previous relationship and you wish to establish parental rights
  • You are a grandparent seeking to adopt your grandchildren
  • You’re a couple seeking to adopt a child form a domestic and international adoption agency
  • You’re a young couple that experienced an unplanned pregnancy. You cannot provide adequate support for the child, so you wish to have your child placed in a stable and safe environment

We handle domestic, international, and private adoptions. So if you about to go forward with the adoption process, you have a reliable and trusted attorney to assist you in the adoption process.

Child Support

Ensuring that your child grows up the way it deserves is every parent’s goal. Part of this is done by making sure that child support obligations are adequately met. Rashelle Fetty makes sure that her clients receive the appropriate child support awards. In Texas, there are normally caps on child support amounts. The caps are referred to as guidelines for child support. In a support order that follows the state’s guidelines, the non-custodial parent will pay:

  • 20% of net income (includes income from all resources) for one child
  • 25% for two children
  • 30% for three children
  • 35% for four children
  • 40% for five children
  • 40% or more for six children or more

Child Custody

Naturally, parents always want what’s best for their children. Therefore, making sure you have the best family law attorney is a must. Child custody is one of the most sensitive and challenging aspects of family law. The legal process is extensive and very difficult to handle at times. In the majority of cases, the best way to handle this delicate matter is with the assistance of a law attorney that has vast knowledge of Texas child custody law. Here are the four custody options available:

  • Joint Custody
  • Sole Custody
  • Temporary Custody
  • Split Custody

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