Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me can help you with your family legal matters. However, you have to put care into the law office that you select to handle your case. Some family law attorneys only specialize in one of two areas of family law. When that is the case, you might not receive all of the services that you need from that particular lawyer. The attorney may have some oversights, which could cost you or your family dearly. When your family is on the line, you shouldn’t take any risks. Call a law firm that deals with any challenge that your family has to face. Call The Fetty Firm.

The attorney at our office, Rashelle Fetty, has practiced law in Tarrant and Dallas counties for years. She is skilled in handling divorce and family law cases with fairness and thoroughness. Fetty helps you explore all of your options and make the best legal decision for your circumstances. Furthermore, she actually has the experience required to make that suggestion. No matter what legal services you or your loved ones need, The Fetty Firm can help you.

Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me

Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me

What Do Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me Do?

A family lawyer helps families deal with stressful family legal matters, for the entire span of one’s life. The only limit is that particular attorney’s area of specialization. Fortunately, The Fetty Firm can assist your family before your child even takes her first breath, an long after your grandfather has taken his last.

Adoption Services

Adoption can be a joyous process if you have an attorney to help you navigate through the paperwork and regulations. You must ensure that your adoption and your terms are legally legitimate. Therefore, you should call a family law attorney that knows how to handle the adoption process. The rules and process are different depending on whether you want an open or closed adoption. Similarly, international adoption has its own regulations that must be strictly adhered to. Furthermore, if your adoption requires the termination of parental rights of the birth parent, we can assist with that as well. Furthermore, we make arrangements for who will become the guardian of your adopted child in the event of your untimely passing.

Child Support

A child support obligation is sometimes necessary to ensure that a parent financially provides for his or her child. Texas law sets caps on the amount of child support drawn from a parent’s income, based on the number of children they have. However, child support cases often complex. No matter which side of this battle you’re on, The Fetty Firm can assist you. Whether you’re a parent who wants to renegotiate unfair terms or you need to enforce child support back payment, call us.

Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me

Colleyville Adoption Lawyer

Child Custody

The matter of who is legally responsible for a child often poses a major challenge during a divorce. However, parents at any stage of their relationship may have to deal with issues relating to child custody. Texas courts have a preference for joint custody, but sometimes sole custody is the best decision for a family. In either case, The Fetty Firm will help you fight for what’s best for your child. In another instance, you might not be a parent, but want to adopt or have guardianship over a child. Our law firm can handle unique custody cases, as well.


Divorces aren’t always pleasant, nor are they simple. However, The Fetty Firm can make your divorce proceedings more manageable. Divorces often deal with other legal issues, including estate planning, custody, and spousal support. Therefore, we highly recommend that you call our law office. If you try to handle your divorce on your home, you’ll probably agree to an unfair arrangement that can put you, your assets, and your children at risk.

Fortunately, divorce attorneys can assist you before you even start to think about divorce. Call our law firm if you and your partner would benefit from a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Estate Planning

Children aren’t the only ones that family law is designed to protect. As you get older, it becomes more and more vital that you plan for the end of your life. When you can no longer make decisions for yourself, who will do so? Without a power of attorney to make choices on your behalf, you and your family may suffer unnecessarily. Furthermore, a document such as an advanced directive can take the hard decisions out of your loved ones’ hands. Instead, you get to choose what happens to you while you are incapacitated. When you pass away, your assets will be inherited by the parties of your choosing.

Without a legal will or estate plan, you may lose your assets or they may be inherited by someone who you didn’t intend to have them. In another instance, your assets may be distributed to the person of your choosing, only to used or sold in a way contrary to your intentions. An estate plan is your chance to have a final say in what happens to your assets. If you’re over 18 and in sound mind, you should strongly consider creating an estate plan to help your family better understand and adhere to your wishes.

Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me

Colleyville TX Child Custody Lawyer

Call Our Law Office!

Family law is even more than what was listed above. Furthermore, each area of law handles issues even more specific and complex than those described. If you’re dealing with a family matter that doesn’t involve criminal matters or criminal defense, call The Fetty Firm. Trying to handle legal issues yourself is never a good idea. There’s no way to be prepared for all of the issues you may face in court. Furthermore, even the smallest oversight or error in a document can destroy its power and legitimacy. Protect yourself and everyone you love by hiring a competent, experienced attorney to handle your case and all necessary paperwork.

Rashelle Fetty, the primary attorney at The Fetty Firm, represents clients in Tarrant County in family courts throughout the area. Call The Fetty Firm today at (214) 546-5746 or contact us online if you’re looking for one of the best Colleyville TX Family Lawyers Near Me.

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