Are you looking for Colleyville TX divorce lawyer free consultation? When you get into a divorce it is always a hectic and confusing period. This is why The Fetty Firm stands as the best contender in Colleyville, the Dallas counties and Fort Worth Texas to serve our clients in their divorce. If you don’t know how to handle a case like this, then a situation that is already traumatizing and heartbreaking can progressively get even worse. We don’t want to see this happen to you, or anyone. In a small town, it’s important to have fair rulings and ample evidence to make cases clear and concise, this is why firms will charge so much to give you quality. Yet our firm will provide you with the same, whilst still keeping that small firm friendly manner. The Fetty Firm will make sure to be easy and accessible for you!

Protecting Your Interests Is A Priority

Our spouses can often time be connected to everything in our lives. They share bank accounts, groceries, vehicles, and homes. The difficulty when undergoing a divorce or other form of legal separation is maintaining equity. There is no doubt that you or your significant other may not see eye to eye. Perhaps you do agree, but regardless, the need to make sure the process is handled correctly is imperative. Otherwise, you could risk losing everything that was once such a natural and sturdy aspect of your life. We want to make sure that your lifestyle stays intact, and your spouse can also walk away without any strings attached. The Fetty Firm will see to it that your interests are protected.

Get A Free Consultation

Before you do anything though, it’s critical that you get a consultation. Our firm offers a free one with our divorce attorneys, in fact. We in this area of law and can explain to you the issues at hand easy with concise detail on legal representation. The importance of consultation is simply hearing a professional’s take on your situation. Some times that is the most important aid we can offer in giving you the best chance to have a clean and manageable divorce. It is a messy and personal issue that can be muddled with emotions from all parties. This can make decision making hard and hesitance in these situations will take the best of you. The Fetty Firm can provide you with an excellent interpretation of the law, all for free. We will make sure that you get the right information and you see your case with clarity and insight.

Always Protect Your Children

When a divorce happens, it can affect the entire family right down to the in-laws. It will certainly take a toll on the extended family of course, but there is no doubt that it will most severely affect your children who are innocently exposed to this. Child custody battles can be nasty and hurtful. Yet it can be unavoidable and that is understandable. What is necessary though is doing the right things and taking the right steps to protect them from any more harm. Emotional and financial pain is hard to deal with and for children, it can be confusing and damaging to their future. Make sure to work with your divorce lawyer to keep child support at the forefront. We will match your efforts and do all we can to ensure that they are taken care of just as much as you are, if not more so.

Making A Strategy And Budget Plan

After you have gotten your consultation and figured out the best lawyer for you, we can help you even further. By establishing a proper plan of action, and a financial roadmap for what it’s going to cost you down the line, we can help clear up the uncertainty that surrounds divorce. It can be expensive and very hassling with fees and unexpected turns that could leave you broke or in debt. This is not what you deserve at the end of your long and arduous trek. We know that if we can set you up with a budget and a proper set of steps and actions you’ll be able to breathe easier. Providing information that best articulates the legal nature of your case, and how to tackle it is key. Getting the greatest outcome for you is our priority. We’ll work day in and day out to build the perfect game plan for you!

With Consultation, Learn How To Settle Fast

One of the biggest issues is the traffic and time wasted staying in the divorce courts for years on end. We know that your pockets are not endless and neither is your time, we want to get you in and out of the courts as fast as possible. By taking care of your needs and sorting out the right course of action, we can help create the best scenarios for you. In doing so, you’ll have the ability to make moves which will help close the gap between you and an equitable deal. Remember, any time spent going back and forth will only cost more and more as the days go by. We don’t want you to have to go through such a tedious and strenuous experience. With a free consultation, the Fetty Firm can help you understand the nature of your case, and get you closer to solving your legal matters in the most cost-effective way. This way you can return to your life instead of being stuck on pause for years.

How Do I Contact The Fetty Firm?

We know finding Colleyvile TX divorce lawyer free consultation is not always easy. Especially if you’re looking for a high-quality response that can actually help your case. Don’t worry, The Fetty Firm is here to handle your legal issues. We take care of our clients in Tarrant County and the surrounding area. If you’re interested in a free consultation you can also visit us on our website and get more information about that, and the other services we provide. We certainly hope to hear from you soon!



  • Colleyville began as a rural community, situated between Big Bear and Little Bear Creek in northeastern Tarrant County.
  • Pleasant Run Baptist Church, organized in 1877, was the first church within what is now Colleyville.
  • Samuel C.H. Witten came to Texas from Missouri in 1854 and established a farm along Little Bear Creek. He eventually founded the community of Colleyville.
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