Custody Law Texas

February 22, 2021

Power Outages, Custody and Texas Family Law

Many parents are suffering through some of the hardest times right now with Winter Storm Uri. It is not easy to balance work, a pandemic, and a weather crisis with attempting to be the best parent possible. Below will be some tips about how to handle this crisis and how it plays into Texas Family Law. Let The Fetty Firm help you through this troubling time.

Be Proactive

First, it is possible to add language into a decree that allows for make up time or disaster plans. The Standard Possession Order generally plays off the the holidays and school days. In your Final Divorce Decree you may want to put in variations for what happens if either parent loses power, loses water, or is unable to travel due to weather conditions.


Most of you are reading this or searching about this because you did not have it in your decree. That’s okay. Want to know the best thing that you can do for your children? Communicate. You should have open, amicable discussions about custody and what should be done for the best interest of the children during this time.

Do not hide any conditions that may pose a possible harm to your child’s life. Be upfront. Remember the point is to protect your child.

Miss time? Need an Attorney?

If communication or amicable discussions are not working, you can seek an attorney during this time to possibly make up missed parenting time as a result of bad weather. Seek out The Fetty Firm with what can be done to help you.


If you’re working on a decree or agreement or your parenting time / custody has been impacted contact Tarrant Custody Law Firm : The Fetty Firm.