SHORT ANSWER: A Provisional Patent Application gets you patent pending. You can remain in patent pending for 1 year while you gather funds and decide to file a full (Non-Provisional) patent. This gives you time to acquire those funds without allowing others to steal your idea/innovation/invention.

This can be extremely beneficial to newer and smaller companies, as it offsets a lot of the cost of a patent while still securing your place for a full patent for the duration of the Provisional Patent Application’s validity (1 year). It also gives you some time to further research & develop your product and get more coverage later on.

So, once you file a Provisional Patent Application, you will have a year to procure funding for a full patent application. This gives you time to safely sell your product without the fear of it going unprotected.

What if I don’t get a Provisional Patent?

If you don’t get either a Provisional or a Non-Provisional Patent Application, you run a few risks.

First, you run the risk of other people stealing your invention and selling it for themselves. Obviously, this isn’t good for business, and can wreak havoc on your profits.

Secondly, you run the risk of someone filing a patent themselves and blocking you out of selling your product. Very few things can destroy a business faster than this.

Third, if you fail to get a Provisional (or Non-Provisional) Patent before 1 year after publicly offering/showcasing your invention, you can lose the right to patent it at all! This means that all of your competitors have free reign to your hard work.

1) Fill Out A 30-60 Minute Form

2) Pay Your 299 USD Invoice

3) We File Your Provisional Patent Application For You

4) You can continue selling your product until your Non-Provisional Patent Application.
*Before the 1-year deadline, you will need to convert it to a Non-Provisional Patent Application. We will notify you 2-3 months before the deadline.

Why choose SNAP LEGAL?

It used to be that, if you wanted a provisional patent application to protect your intellectual property, your options were pretty costly:

1) Hire an attorney and spend upwards of $3000 to get them to draft and file it for you,

2) Spend thousands of dollars to go through the training to learn how to file it yourself,

3) Try to file it yourself, without any guidance/education, and waste hundreds of dollars on rejections and office actions, or

4) Go without a patent at all and simply HOPE that no one would infringe on your unprotected work.

But hey, that’s just the price of running a business, right?

Maybe in the past…

…until we decided to do things a better way!

We created a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly what you need to know. No unnecessary legal jargon, no dictionary required.

Simply watch a few videos that explain what you need to do in order to prepare to file your patent, and work alongside the videos to get your application started & completed in less than a day, and filed later that week!

With the help of Devin Miller, a legal attorney that specializes in patents & trademarks (and CEO of Miller IP Law), and Joseph Yarrington, legal automation specialist, you can get your patent finished fast!

You get all this without the crazy cost you might expect. Because we don’t have to charge you for attorney’s time, we pass those savings directly on to you!

Rather than spending upwards of $2000 on a patent, you can DIY it with SNAP Legal for just $299!

So why should you choose SNAP Legal?

Because it offers an option that is robust, affordable, and done in a snap!

Should I Use SNAP Legal, or Use A Lawyer Instead?

SNAP Legal isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a higher-end, personalized patent that was crafted by an experienced attorney, SNAP Legal won’t give that to you. An attorney will.

Compare the differences using the chart below:

How much does a provisional patent cost?

DIY-ing a provisional patent application with SNAP Legal costs $299. You have the option to have an attorney help later on in the process for small additional fees, but those are optional.

How much is a provisional patent worth?

Provisional Patents that are crafted from scratch by attorneys typically run upwards of $3000 but they can be worth a LOT more.

The worth of a patent depends on the worth of the intellectual property that it protects.

A patent that protects a multi-million dollar startup can be worth millions. It protects that startup from losing their business’s innovations to a competitor and losing out on all of that revenue.

So, how much is a patent worth to you?

It depends on how much your company is worth to you.

Who should get a provisional patent?


Entrepreneurs have a LOT of reasons to get patents.

You’ve worked hard to develop your product. You’ve spent countless hours and even more money gathering the talent and resources necessary to make your product.

A copycat can destroy the momentum that you spent to much to build.

Not only that, but investors often REQUIRE that the companies that they invest in have intellectual property protection.

It validates your business in a way that nothing else quite can.

It shows your serious about your business, and shows that you believe that your ideas are worth it.

So… are you serious about your business? Patent your products!


Patents are crucial to essentially EVERY inventor that wants to make money.

If you want to be able to sell your inventions, you need to patent them before you launch it to the public.

If you don’t you run the risk of losing legal claim to your hard work.