If your parenting arrangement involves child support, you may need a Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer. Child Support issues can be one of the most draining parental issues. One parent relies on the other parent’s financial support to provide for the child or children. However, that support can sometimes be inadequate, inconsistent, or even totally non-existent. On the other hand, the parent paying the child support might feel that the payment withdrawn from his or her income is excessive. Additional, the parent paying support may know that the money is not actually being used to support the child. In more complicated custody matters, one paying child support for a child that is not biologically theirs.

Child support cases are usually as unique as they are stressful. However, Texas law applies a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to child support payments. Fortunately, you have the option to hire a lawyer to help you negotiate a new agreement with your child’s other parent. As long as this agreement is legally valid, it can override the Texas regulations regarding child support payment. However, in order to ensure that the agreement will be followed, it must be legally binding. You may have tried to just talk things out with your child’s parent before. However, with no consequences for breaking the agreement, he or she may not have upheld the terms. You’ve tried to do it the nice way. If necessary, The Fetty Firm can take your case to court.

Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer

Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer

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There’s no reason that your children should have less than they what they need to live fulfilling lives. A child support order can dictate how much a parent pays in child support. However, the order may not suit your child’s particular needs. The Texas courts don’t know how to unique calculate a child support payment based on your child’s extracurricular activities, the standard of living, or particular abilities or disabilities. In fact, Texas child support is primarily determined by the income the parent earns and the number of children they have. this can create a huge disparity in how much a child receives, which can negatively affect them. Sometimes, the amount may be much more than a child needs to thrive. In other cases, it may seem inefficient. Child support terms can be adjusted to accommodate your child’s individual needs.

You may not take issue with the amount of child support you are entitled to receive. The problem is, you don’t receive it! The Fetty Firm can help you enforce child support orders and get your child the money that they deserve.

If you’re the non-custodial parent paying child support, you may need a modification to the child support order. Our law office can help with that as well. Instead of avoiding the child support payments or lying about your employment status, seek legal advice. In many cases, you may be able to make an adjustment to the amount of child support due. That way, you help provide for your child in some way without sacrificing your own well-being.

Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer

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How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

Sometimes, the issue is more than a child support order. You may have other family law matters that need to be addressed as well. For example, the way the child support agreement is proceeding may cause you to seek changes to your child custody agreement as well. Additionally, your arrangement can bring personal attention to discrepancies in your estate planning or guardianship decisions. Fortunately, The Fetty Firm attorney Rashelle Fetty practices in more than one area of law. In fact, Fetty handles cases in over 10 practice areas related to family law. When you’re dealing with a unique child custody case and want to make sure you and your child are thoroughly protected, call our law firm.

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The Fetty Firm can help you with your family legal matters in all areas of your life. Your child support agreement may be causing you the most stress at the moment. However, you may later need to call our law office again to handle another legal issue or help you protect your child. If you’re having disagreements with your spouse over decisions about your child, you might need to take additional steps to ensure their welfare. Not only can The Fetty Firm defend you, but we may also be able to prevent some legal issues from ever going to court. Visit us to speak in more detail about your family circumstance, and we can outline the many ways we can keep your family safe.

Modification Orders

You may have already made an agreement with your spouse or ex-spouse regarding child support, child custody, or medical support. However, the court may make modifications to these agreements. You may be looking for a Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer to help you modify your child support agreement. This is a likely possibility. In the event that the order is modified, you might still need an attorney to ensure the new agreement is enforced. At The Fetty Firm, we will first make sure that your agreement is eligible for in-court modification. Furthermore, we can help you move towards enforcement.

On the other hand, if you want to resist the modification, we can fight your case. Sometimes, a custodial parent may request more funds than necessary to care for a child. Unfortunately, children are sometimes used to punish or manipulate non-custodial parents. We’ll make sure that the agreement is fair and doesn’t put you in a compromising situation.

Ultimately, The Fetty Firm wants to find an agreement that all parties can get behind. The main priority of the court is to ensure your child’s welfare. Most parents have that same goal. That being said, we are sure to reach an agreement that both parents can adhere to.

Colleyville TX Child Support Lawyer

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