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March 3, 2021

Tarrant County Divorce: Are you ready for a divorce?

Is it time for a divorce?

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Tarrant County Divorce

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Finding a family attorney that is close to you is important. The Fetty Firm is your Colleyville, Tarrant County attorney. However, when you are wanting a divorce, you need to think, “Are you ready for a divorce?”

A few questions that are important to investigate when deciding if you’re ready for a divorce:

  • Have I voiced my concerns about our marriage to my spouse? Have we really tried to work on our problems?
  • Am I threatening divorce out of frustration, spite, anger, or as a warning?
  • Would I honestly be happier without my spouse?
  • What would my life look like without my spouse?
  • Am I ready to handle the negative consequence of divorce?
  • Do I still have feelings for my spouse?

Be true to yourself when answering these questions.

There’s a concept to explore called “divorce readiness” It’s essentially the idea of whether a person is emotionally ready to go through with a divorce. The questions above reveal the emotional toll that a divorce can take, and also highlight just how dramatic and life-changing divorce can be.

In divorce, each person involved typically has a differing level of divorce readiness. Many times, the person who is preparing to file for divorce has a higher degree of divorce readiness than the person who is about to be served with a petition. That stands to reason — if someone is making legal preparations to get divorced, that person is undergoing the emotional preparation to get there.

The other person in the relationship may have a sense his or her spouse wants a divorce, and may even want to get divorced also. But the feeling of wanting to get divorced and actually going through the divorce process are two very different things. It often takes time and energy to get both people on the same page.

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