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January 13, 2020

The Adoption Process

The adoption process is lengthy and complicated. However, there is a way to maneuver the steps in a simple way. The Fetty Firm has experience working with future parents to adopt a child. Adoption has numerous benefits for the child and parents. Rashelle Fetty is an experienced family attorney who can help you reap the benefits of adopting a child.

Furthermore, the adoption process is not simple. It requires the right kind of maneuvering to be successful. A simple mistake can set up back or stop the adoption process outright. So, get in touch with The Fetty Firm before you stop the process.

Adoption Steps

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The Fetty Firm can help you adopt the child of your dreams.

The first step you need to take for adoption is to choose which program is best for your family. There are various adoption programs to choose from, and not all of them fit a family’s life. It is also important to decide if adoption is the right choice for your family. There are a lot of things that go into this one action. Consider everything while making this decision. The Fetty Firm can certainly help you analyze specific areas you may feel concerned about.

During this process, you can also choose an adoption professional. Fetty is the best choice when it comes to an adoption professional. She will help you traverse the steps needed for the adoption process. Parents will then need to become an active waiting family or create an adoption plan. This process varies on the program you have chosen. It may involve home studies or adoption profiles.

Next, parents will need to find an adoption opportunity. Parents will need to seek a child in which they can adopt, which can be found in a number of ways. Children’s agencies are one way you can find the child you want to adopt. Once you have found the child you wish to adopt, they will be placed in your home. Now, there is paperwork through this process, and the process is not over.

After the child is placed, there will be some form of contact with an adoption professional and an agency. This contact is to check up on the child simply.

The Fetty Firm Has an Adoption Professional

Get in touch with The Fetty Firm today. Future parents will find that Rashelle Fetty is experienced with the adoption process. She will help you get through this long process. Get in touch with her by calling (214) 546-5746. Of course, future parents can also find more information on The Fetty Firm adoption page.