January 24, 2020

The Types of Texas Wills

A will is an important document for families and loved ones. It is a legal document that will pass on the property of a deceased loved one to a number of beneficiaries. Wills have a number of benefits, such as making the process after a loved one’s death easier. It also gives the passing loved one peace of mind they might not have had.

Now, there are two types of wills the state of Texas recognizes: an attested will and a holographic will. These two types of wills vary from each other in a small way. However, both types of wills serve the same purpose. The only difference is how they are created.

Attested and Holographic Wills

General Overview of Living Wills

Attested wills and holographic wills are the only types of wills recognized by Texas.

An attested will is the most common type of will. It is also the way most people think about wills. A valid will must be in writing and signed by the testate. The testate is a person who has died and left a will. The testate must also have another person in their presence and two attested witnesses over the age of 14.

A holographic will is a will that is written completely by hand and signed by the testate. A holographic will does not need to be signed by a witness and is still valid in the state of Texas. These two types of wills can help you rest in peace and make the process after your death easier. Your family will appreciate the smooth process your will provide. Funeral arrangements and property distribution can be outlined in the will.

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