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September 28, 2019

Things to Know About Child Support

For parents, securing their child’s future and well being is at the top of the priority list. Therefore, it is important to know some important things about child support. One of the common family types of cases that The Fetty Firm comes across is cases involving child support. Thanks to over a decade in the legal field, Rashelle Fetty has the expertise necessary to help clients on their way to ensuring that the child support awards are calculated appropriately. Rashelle will work diligently to ensure that child support orders are applied fairly, regardless if you are the receiving or paying parent.

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Things to Know About Child Support in Texas

When you visit The Fetty Firm, we’ll go over the details of Texas child support law, as well as going over your rights as the receiver or payee of child support. Generally, there are certain caps to child support amounts in Texas. The child support caps are known as child support guidelines. In the state of Texas, a non-custodial parent pays:

  • 20 percent of net income (income from all sources) for one child
  • 25 percent of income for two children
  • 30 percent of income for four children
  • 35 percent for four children
  • 40 percent for five children
  • 40 percent or more for six or more children

Additionally, the custodial parent is responsible for child support until the child in question turns 18 years old or when he graduates from high school, whatever happens first. Of course, guidelines are merely guidelines. If both parents can come to an agreement on an arrangement, then that arrangement we’ll take precedence. Moreover, here are some ways The Fetty Firm can help clients:

Legal assistance with child support

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  • Facing lawsuits for back child support
  • If you are in need of enforcing the child support orders
  • If you wish to modify a child support order

When dealing with child support, you should always make sure that you acquire trusted legal services. You can contact The Fetty Firm by calling (214) 546-1059. Moreover, you can learn more about child support in Texas by clicking here.