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September 30, 2019

Thinking About Adopting?

Have you been Thinking About Adopting? If you have, then you’ll definitely need the services of an experienced and trusted firm such as The Fetty Firm, P.C. Our sole attorney, Rashelle Fetty, has over a decade of working in the legal field, meaning that she has the experience to get you the best resolutions to your legal issues. Additionally, Rashelle always puts the client’s needs at the top of her priority list. When you acquire the services of The Fetty Firm, you’ll receive attentive and personal support in order to come up with the most fitting solutions to your legal problems. So if adopting is something you are thinking about doing, then Rashelle can definitely help you get through the adoption process.

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Adopting in Texas

Adoption is a great way to start a family. Not only does adoption help parents fulfill their dreams of starting families, but it also allows children to grow and thrive in a loving and safe home. However, the adoption process is very complex and can become very stressing. Generally, the best form of action when adopting is attaining the services of an adoption attorney. By doing so, you’ll protect your rights and guide you towards the best possible resolution. Fortunately, Rashelle Fetty has extensive knowledge about adoption and parental rights. So she can help you through the long and sometimes tedious adoption process.

Some things to keep in mind when adopting in Texas:

  • Prospective parents must be at least 21 years of age, financially stable with a stable living environment
  • Adoptive parents are subject to a home study. The home study will include a home inspection, background check on the couple and other adults in the home, financial screening, and a full evaluation of parenting skills on other aspects of life

    Law firm for adopting parents

    Legal assistance for adopting parents

The Fetty Firm can help handle domestic, international, private adoption in addition to parental rights cases. So if you are thinking about adopting anytime soon, then you should definitely contact The Fetty Firm today. You can reach us by calling (214) 546-5746. Moreover, you can learn about our adoption services by clicking here.