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August 1, 2019

Updating Your Living Will: New Medicines & Technologies Available

There are plenty of scenarios that could cause a lot of turmoil and strife for people. It’s an unlikely circumstance, and no one wants to go through a severely traumatic incident. However, it is possible, and it does happen more times than you think. Therefore, remaining vigilant and on top of your personal information is critical for your health. For a living will, you have the opportunity to provide some of the details that are of the highest necessity. This can range from medicines and organ donation to do-not-resuscitate orders. It is a safe and secure way to get your vital requests to the medical team. However, if it is not up to date, you may be causing yourself more harm than good.

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Whether young or old, we recommend you draft a clear and concise living will for the unexpected.

Keep Revising Your Living Will

There is a wide range of options for a living will, especially with new technology and medication coming on the market every year. To make certain that your living will is appropriately set up, you have the right to change and modify it over time for is multiple possible scenarios. Through this process of revision, you can reassess how you want to be taken care of based on new developments both physically, emotionally, and industrially.

Our lawyers recommend that you change it every 2-3 years. However, some people have not made adjustments for decades, and the changes that have ensued may be life-saving. Regardless, a living will saves time that may be vital to your health. If you can switch it from an outdated preference to something more appropriate, it can end up saving your life. Especially when you are unable to maintain consciousness or a manifest train of thought.


The medical world is continually developing new, far-reaching technologies and medications. Their goal is to provide more efficient, less-invasive products and services. The results can help patients remain healthy even in situations where it might have been fatal just decades ago. It can range from a new device that can cauterize damaged areas of your heart that cause a racing heart syndrome. A treatment once considered too invasive and dangerous, now done in under an hour.

This value is also true for new medical treatments such as THC for cancer patients. It is a safer alternative to chemotherapy, which poisons the patient until it kills enough of the body to get rid of cancer.

Colleyville TX Family Attorney Near Me

Staying up to date on new medications can potentially be life-saving!

Today, there are results that provide evidence for patients to be incomplete recovery after using specific THC treatments. For people with diseases like the ones we mentioned, it may have been known for a long time that the previous procedures were just as dangerous as the condition itself. However, times change, and there are more options available.

That is why new technology and medication in today’s age can keep the person far healthier and in a better living condition than ever before. In the same situations maybe ten years ago, chemotherapy may have been fatal for you, or the perhaps closed heart surgery was unavailable. When new technology can help save your life in ways that couldn’t have occurred prior, you should revise it in your will. Without knowing the full range of your options, the will might be more misleading than protective.

Our Lawyer’s Can Draft A Living Will For You

We have all of the capabilities needed to perform such a task with accuracy. The process is not simple, but it is a practice that The Fetty Firm has been overseeing for several years now. Life is a precious thing, but perhaps what is more important is the choice and freedom of decision-making you are provided. For example, if your spouse, or any other individual, was forced to make a grave decision about your life-or-death situation, they may not make the one that you would choose. It can leave you with unwanted consequences that you would’ve preferred to avoid. This is why we urge people to draw up a living will to ensure that their life is decided on their terms even when they may not have the health to do so.