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September 13, 2019

What You Should Know About Child Custody in Texas

Parents always want their best for their children, and The Fetty Firm is here to help clients get the best possible resolutions for their custody cases. The litigation process for child custody cases in Texas can be very extensive, lengthy, and quite difficult. Therefore, it is generally a good practice to hire a family law attorney that has many years of experience and knowledge on Texas child custody law. The Fetty Firm and its sole attorney, Rashelle Fetty, has plenty of experience dealing with all types of child custody cases. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll work diligently to get you the best resolution to your particular case.

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What You Should Know About Child Custody in Texas

Here at The Fetty Firm, we make sure we keep our clients as informed as possible. Rashelle Fetty will advise and inform you of all the types of custody available to you. In addition, she will explain the specifics of each option thoroughly. There are four different types of custody options: joint, sole, temporary, and split.

Types of Custody

Joint Custody – Many people in Texas prefer to settle for joint custody, which is where both parents are awarded custody. Furthermore, there are three different types of joint custody.

  • Joint Legal Custody – Where both parents have the legal right to make decisions regarding the child
  • Shared Physical Custody – In this type of custody, the child has two legal residencies
  • Combination of Joint Legal and Physical Custody – This type of custody is determined by a number of factors. Consequently, you should definitely consult with Rashelle Fetty for more information

Sole Custody – Sole custody means that only one parent has legal and physical custody. Even more, all decisions regarding the upbringing, education, health care, and other important matter fall under the parent with full legal custody.

Temporary Custody – Temporary custody, usually, is the first step in child custody litigation. This type of custody determines where a child will reside at the start of the process. The court will determine where the child should reside based on the child’s best interests. Additionally, this type of custody is only short-term.

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Split Custody – Split custody usually involves two or more children. The court may decide to award full physical custody of one or more children to one parent. However, neither parent will have full custody of all the children. A split custody arrangement can vary depending on numerous factors, such as the children’s age, where they wish to live, and other related factors.

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