January 9, 2020

Why You Should Adopt a Child

Deciding to adopt a child is an extremely big decision and a long process. The Fetty Firm can help future parents traverse the complicated adoption process. Rashelle Fetty has great experience in family court, which makes her the perfect lawyer for the job. Fetty has received various recognitions, such as her 2020 Texas Rising Star award.

Adopting may be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. There are numerous benefits to adopting a child rather than having your own. Adoption of a child benefits three parties: the birth parents, the child, and the adopting parents. These three parties all benefit from such an action and should be recognized.

Benefits of Adopting

There are a number of reasons a mother may put her child up for adoption. Regardless of the reason, the adoption helps her achieve potential goals she may have and reduces certain probabilities that may occur. For example, a mother may choose adoption for their child if they wish to finish school. Additionally, the mother is also more likely to obtain a job after the baby is born.


Adoption is a lengthy and complicated process. The Fetty Firm can help future parents.

So, the mother or adopted child helps out a lot. It also helps the child who is the most important party in the action. The child will have a stable home and parents to go to. They will not be left without guidance as they grow up. Numerous studies also reveal that adopted children have greater health, more attention, more adjusted, and more involved in aspects of their life. These stats show us that adoption is a very beneficial action for parents wanting a child.

Finally, the adopted parents benefit from adopting because they are getting the child they have always wanted. They will be able to provide support for a child that would not have had it before. Adopting is so important because the foster care system is full of children looking for homes. Adoption is always an option, but the process can be hard to maneuver.

Call the Fetty Firm for Adoption Services

The Fetty Firm will help your dreams come true. The adoption process is not easy, and the smallest mistake can set you back. Give the firm a call today by calling (214) 546-5746. Future parents can also visit the firm’s adoption page to find out more about the process.