Have you been online searching for Colleyville TX Lawyer for Wills and Trusts Near Me? If so, then you’ll definitely love the services offered at The Fetty Firm, PC. Thanks to Rashelle Fetty, our sole attorney, and her 10+ years of experience, we’re confident in our ability to help you draft comprehensive wills and trust. As one of the leading family law firms in Colleyville, Texas, we take great pride in representing clients in the best way possible. We’ve helped countless clients in and around the Fort Worth area in legal issues regarding real estate, child custody, medical power of attorneys, child support, estate planning, probate, and much more. In addition to our vast experience, our consistent commitment to excellence will ensure that you receive legal services that adhere to the highest standards in the field.

When it comes to drafting wills and trusts, you should acquire the services of an experienced estate planning lawyer such as Rashelle Fetty. Rashelle and her law office have helped countless clients in drafting comprehensive wills and trusts that protect their best interests in the best way possible. So if you live in the Tarrant County area and are looking for assistance with the drafting of these documents, The Fetty Firm is an excellent choice for you. We’ve been serving clients for many years and in a wide range of cases. As such, we are sure to find the right solutions to your estate planning problems. Contact us today to learn more about our services and what we can do to help you.

Colleyville TX Lawyer for Wills and Trusts Near Me

Colleyville TX Lawyer for Wills and Trusts Near Me

About Our Attorney for Wills and Trusts

The Fetty Firm is all in on helping clients with their estate planning. With Rashelle Fetty, you’ll have a vastly experienced and dedicated attorney at your service. Rashelle grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, and earned her bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University, located in Norfolk, Virginia. During her time at ODU, Rashelle not only completed her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, but she did so while playing for the school’s NCAA division 1 women’s golf team. Ms. Fetty then began law school at Regent University of Law in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She completed her studies at Texas Wesleyan School of Law (now known as Texas A&M School of Law) in Fort Worth, Texas. And in 2013, Rashelle passed the Texas Bar Exam, founding The Fetty Firm shortly after.

Rashelle has been working in the legal sector for over ten years and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Her wide range of experience has helped many clients in all sorts of legal cases. Her practice areas focus on child custody, divorce, child support, modification of family law orders, enforcement of family law orders, adoption, drafting wills and trusts, heirship proceedings, independent administration of estates, muniment of titles, and small estate proceedings.

Above all, we are very proud to be an excellent choice for clients in all sorts of situations with all types of legal needs. Here at The Fetty Firm, we aim to provide clients with big-firm results while also providing the care and support of a small firm. When you choose Rashelle and The Fetty Firm, you’re choosing experience, dedication, and a true commitment to excellence.

General Overview of Wills

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When it comes to estate planning, the cornerstone is your will. Your will is a document that expresses what your final wishes are. Generally speaking, everyone should have a will in place in order to make sure their assets go where you want them to go. Fortunately, we use our vast experience in Texas law to ensure that the will is drafted correctly. Additionally, we’ll help you anticipate and prevent any type of related problems in the future. Here are some of the legal capacities that determine whether you can draft a will:

  • You are eligible to make a will if you are over 18 years of age, have been lawfully married, or are a member of the U.S. military
  • You have a sound and sane mind to make a will if you can comprehend the business in which you are engaged in making a will; the effects of a will; the nature and extent of your assets; the next kin and objects of your bounty; and if you are acting in sound and sane judgment

Things to Remember When Drafting Your Will:

  • A will can help you leave property to the individuals and/or organizations you wish
  • You are able to name a guardian for your children
  • Establish a trustee to handle property that you leave to minors
  • Ability to name an executor of your estate
  • Establishing a trust
  • In the state of Texas, you can finalize your will by signing it in front of two witnesses, and the witnesses have to sign the will as well

General Overview of Trusts

Many people would benefit greatly from a trust. The Fetty Firm can work with you to determine if creating a trust would be good for your particular situation. If you could use a trust, we can help find the type of trust best suited for you. Keep in mind that trusts are a bit more complicated than wills. As such, you should seek the services of an experienced estate planning attorney such as Rashelle Fetty.

What Is a Trust?

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Simply put, a trust is an arrangement in which a trustee holds a legal title of over property for a beneficiary. You can actually be the trustee for your own trust. By doing so, you would maintain control over all the property held in the trust. Additionally, trusts can be formed when you’re alive and even after you pass away. Yeah, that’s right, you can actually have a post-mortem created based upon the terms the will. Furthermore, trusts can help property owners avoid probate proceedings.

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If you are in need of an estate planning attorney, you should definitely contact The Fetty Firm. With Rashelle Fetty, you’ll have an experienced estate lawyer ready to help you in terms of learning more about wills and trusts. You can reach The Fetty Firm by calling (214) 546-5746. Moreover, you can learn more about our estate planning services by visiting our estate planning webpage. With the Fetty Firm, you won’t ever have to search online for Colleyville TX Lawyer for Wills and Trusts Near Me. 

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